Becoming a Member

Please complete the membership procedures after reading the instructions below.
Access to the Member Registration Form follows these instructions.

1 Register Your Email Address

Membership procedures will first require you to provide your email address on the Member Registration Form.
The email address you register on this form cannot be changed until your membership registration is completed, so be sure to register an account that you can reliably access.

2 Receive the Guide to RINGOHAN Membership Procedures via Email

You will receive the Guide to RINGOHAN Membership Procedures from RINGOHAN at the email address you register. Click the URL contained in the email to proceed to the Membership Application Page.

3 Enter Required Information About Yourself on the Membership Application Page

On the Membership Application Page, enter your name, address and other fields required for registration. Please review the reminders regarding registering this information.

*Please note that you will not be able to access this page for about one week after receiving the email containing the Guide to RINGOHAN Membership Procedures. If access is not possible, you may need to redo this process, starting with email address registration.

4 Selecting Your Payment Method and Paying Membership/Annual Dues

After you have completed membership registration procedures on the Membership Application Page, press the Payment button to proceed to the Payment Menu Screen. There are four payment options.

Credit Card
Convenience Store
ATM (Pay-Easy)
Online Banking

Click here for detailed information on payment methods.

5 Receipt of email indicating completion of registration procedures

This email contains your Member Number (ID), Password, membership date and membership expiration date. Please do not lose it.
You officially become a member on the date your Password and Member Number (ID) are issued. Your membership, including your password, is valid for one year from your official membership date.
Example: If you become a member on April 1, 2009, your membership is valid through March 31, 2010.

6 Congratulations. You're now a member of RINGOHAN.

You can access the RINGOHAN site by entering your Member Number (ID) and password on the login page. We welcome you as an official and honored member of the RINGOHAN fan club.

Proceed to the Member Registration Form to become a member.