VIDEO bloopers and highlights / INCIDENTS TOKYO
[From the Tours]
“Dynamite!” at Nagoya Century Hall, February 9, 2005
A song of apples
Taxi Driver
I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
“Domestic Virgin Line” at Nippon Budokan, February 19, 2006
I Am a Liar
Feelings for my motherland
“Just can't help it!” at NHK Hall, May, 26, 2006
Active Fighting
“Spa & Treatment” at Zepp Tokyo, November 21, 2007
Box of goldfish
My way
“Ultra C” at Tokyo International Forum, May 12, 2010
Put Your Antenna Up
Ride Every Wave
“Discovery” at Tokyo International Forum, December 7, 2011
A Secret
Beaucoup de Bruit pour Rien
“Domestique Bon Voyage” at Nippon Budokan, February 29, 2012
Brand New Civilization
3 min.
Ideal days for ultramarine

[Festival & Event Digest]

[Makunouchi Sadistic]

TOBF-5750 August 29, 2012 3,909 yen (w/tax) DVD
TOXF-5750 August 29, 2012 4,731 yen (w/tax) Blu-ray Disc

Concert Retrospective on DVD/Blu-ray
Slip case exclusive with first press
This concert retrospective includes valuable video of past festival and event appearances in a digest format. It also contains “Makunouchi Sadistic,” a special feature that pieces together footage from a multitude of performances of “Marunouchi Sadistic,” which the band played live more times than any other song. The release provides an encompassing retrospective of Incidents Tokyo live, the lifeblood of a band, making it extremely valuable from a documentary standpoint. It’s a timeless package of both bloopers and highlights.


  • ‘Golden Time’ Music Video Collection on DVD/Blu-ray
  • ‘Hard Disk’ Complete Limited Edition CD Box Set
  • The Midnight Broadcasting
  • Bon Voyage
  • Tokyo Collection
  • Discovery
  • CS Channel
  • Discovery
  • The Reverberation / Fly Me To Heaven
  • Ultra C
  •  Dopa-mint!
  • Where's Heaven
  • Sports
  • Spa & Treatment
  • 3min.
  • Put Your Camera Down
  • Variety 増刊号
  • Variety
  • Killer-tune
  • O.S.C.A.
  • Just can't help it.
  • "ADULT VIDEO" Original Sound Track
  • The Rat's-nest
  • Dynamite Out
  • Dynamite in
  • Tokyo Incidents Vol.1
  • Ideal Days for Ultramarine / A Distress (First Run Limited Edition)
  • Education
  • A distress
  • Ideal days for ultramarine