ALBUM ‘Hard Disk’ Complete Limited Edition CD Box Set / INCIDENTS TOKYO
Complete CD-BOX 『Hard Disk』(完全限定生産BOX)

Eight CD box set with the complete works of Incidents Tokyo
・color bars
・The Midnight Broadcasting
・ Bonus Disc--‘Recovery Disc’
(Contains tracks not included on CD and the unannounced track “Bon Voyage”; nine tracks in all)

TOCT-29131 February 27, 2013 21,600 yen (w/tax)

Limited edition box set in hardcover book format

Analog jacket size
Photo artwork collection (52 works (tent.))
Bonus USB memory stick (4GB) preinstalled with:
"Service" Debut ver. (inst.) and photos from the vault, "OB Soukai (Alumni Gathering)”


  • ‘Golden Time’ Music Video Collection on DVD/Blu-ray
  • bloopers and highlights
  • The Midnight Broadcasting
  • Bon Voyage
  • Tokyo Collection
  • Discovery
  • CS Channel
  • Discovery
  • The Reverberation / Fly Me To Heaven
  • Ultra C
  •  Dopa-mint!
  • Where's Heaven
  • Sports
  • Spa & Treatment
  • 3min.
  • Put Your Camera Down
  • Variety 増刊号
  • Variety
  • Killer-tune
  • O.S.C.A.
  • Just can't help it.
  • "ADULT VIDEO" Original Sound Track
  • The Rat's-nest
  • Dynamite Out
  • Dynamite in
  • Tokyo Incidents Vol.1
  • Ideal Days for Ultramarine / A Distress (First Run Limited Edition)
  • Education
  • A distress
  • Ideal days for ultramarine