RINGOHAN Membership Procedures

  • What is required to join RINGOHAN?

    • - Residence in Japan
    • - Internet access
    • - Your own computer email address
    • - Membership procedures require information to be entered in Japanese
  • Can RINGOHAN be used with a cell phone?

    RINGOHAN has been designed for computers and cannot be used with cell phones.

  • Can I use a free email address?

    Free email addresses like Hotmail are not recommended because they tend to be the source of the following kinds of problems.

    • - Most can be acquired without providing identification
    • - Some are invalidated if they aren't used in two to three months
    • - Server storage is often limited and mailboxes fill up quickly, which sometimes prevents RINGOHAN emails from being delivered.
  • My brother wants to join the club, too. Can he use the same email address?

    Email addresses cannot be shared. Everyone has to have their own email address to join, even members of the same family.

  • I registered my email address, but I haven't received any information on membership procedures.

    The reason for this may be:

    • - An error occurred when you registered and the data was not sent as it should have been
    • - You made a mistake entering your email address
    • - There was a problem with the email delivery system
    • - The mail spool you use has reached its capacity and was unable to receive our email

    If 24 hours has passed since you registered and you have not received our email, we recommend that you organize the email on your server and redo the registration procedures. In this case, it will not cause an error if you register the same email address that you did before.

  • I finished the membership procedures, but my Member Number and Password have still not been issued.

    Your official membership date is the date we send you an email confirming that your registration has been completed. It is sent after we confirm payment and contains your Member Number (ID) and Password. We will send you this email within seven business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after you remit payment. If more than 10 days have passed and you have still not heard from us, please contact us directly using the Inquiry Form.