Concert Ticket Reservations

  • What is required in order to reserve tickets?

    In most cases, you must be a member of RINGOHAN.

  • I want to make ticket reservations, but my RINGOHAN membership is set to expire.

    As indicated in the previous response, you have the right to make ticket reservations since you are a RINGOHAN member. If your membership is about to expire, you should renew it as soon as possible.

  • I want to make ticket reservations, but I'm not a member of RINGOHAN. I plan to join right away, but I'm worried it won't be in time to reserve the tickets.

    RINGOHAN announces live concerts and other information to its members well before announcements are made on the SR Nekoyanagi Line and other places. Ticket reservations are sometimes conducted even before the end of the normal blackout period. In such cases, we never publicly announce that ticket reservations for a certain concert are being taken on RINGOHAN. If the timing for taking ticket reservations on RINGOHAN falls after the blackout period on the SR Nekoyanagi Line has ended, announcements are made several places on the site, including the news and information page, and are timed to ensure membership procedures can be completed in time to reserve tickets.