RINGOHAN Member > Sending and Receiving Email

  • I don't receive emails from RINGOHAN.

    There may be several reasons for this.
    1. You can't receive any more emails because you've reached the storage capacity for your email address
    2. Your email server is rejecting the emails.
    3. The email you registered with RINGOHAN is not valid.

    If the problem is #1 or #2, you should contact your Internet service provider.
    If the problem is #3, login to RINGOHAN, go to the Member Information section of the Member Prep School and change your email to a valid address.

  • I don't receive The Monthly Apple or Revolutionary Missives.

    Please check our response to the previous question. Also, please check your email delivery settings in the Member Information section of the Member Prep School. RINGOHAN's Calvados Cellars has past issues of The Monthly Apple and past Revolutionary Missives, so you can take at look at them there. They are posted on the site about two weeks after they are sent out by email.