Policy on Personal Information

Kronekodow manages information on members of the RINGOHAN fan club ("Ringo-han"). Information on customers who purchase products sold through Ringo-han or SR Nekoyanagi Line ("Nekoyanagi Line") is managed by Tapirs Co., Ltd. on a contractual basis. Kronekodow recognizes the importance of appropriately protecting such identifying information (hereinafter, "personal information") and handles personal information according to the following policy.

  • 1. Kronekodow collects, uses, provides and retains personal information in an appropriate manner.

    Collection, use, provision or retention of personal information against the will of the individual involved infringes upon the individual's rights and diminishes trust in the company. Kronekodow therefore has documented rules for the collection, use, provision and retention, etc. of personal information and otherwise manages personal information in an appropriate manner.
    When Kronekodow collects your personal information, it does so after first explicitly disclosing why it is acquiring the information. The company's contact information, etc. is also provided. Kronekodow only collects personal information to the extent that it is necessary. Kronekodow does not disclose or provide personal information to any third-party without the prior consent of the person involved unless provided for by the law or provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, except for purposes explicitly disclosed in advance. When Kronekodow provides your personal information to an outside vendor, it make personal information protection mandatory for the vendor through confidentiality agreements and other contractual provisions and otherwise takes steps to ensure that the vendor handles personal information appropriately.

  • 2. Kronekodow conducts measures to prevent personal information from being lost, damaged, tampered with or leaked, etc.

    Kronekodow conducts information security measures that include measures for preventing unauthorized access and for protecting against computer viruses in order to prevent personal information from being lost, damaged, tampered with or leaked, etc.

  • 3. Kronekodow complies with laws, ordinances and other regulations.

    Personal information is handled in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws, ordinances and regulations and in accordance with internal company rules. Education and training is conducted for executives and employees.

  • 4. Mailings and Inquiries

    Kronekodow only uses your personal information for purposes explicitly disclosed in advance. Information related to the company's products and services that you have used is sometimes sent to you by email or mail. If you do not wish to receive these mailings you may opt out by contacting the customer service desk at the email address provided below.

  • 5. Confirmation, Correction and Deletion of Your Personal Information

    You may confirm, correct or delete the personal information you have registered with Kronekodow as follows.
    Ringo-han members may do so on the Account Information page of Ringo-han's Member Prep School section.
    Individuals whose personal information has been registered with Kronekodow as a result of purchasing a product through Nekoyanagi Line's Neko Kiosk or Ringo-han's Kozuka Store may contact the Nekoyanagi Retail Sales Office of Tapirs Co., Ltd. at 048-291-5503 (10:00-6:00, Monday-Friday; closed weekends and holidays).

  • Inquiries regarding this policy or personal information handling

Please see the company's Privacy Policy for information on collection and use of personal information by Kronekodow