Privacy Policy

SR Nekoyanagi Line, the official website of Shiina Ringo, and the fan club RINGOHAN (collectively, "the Site") comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information when handling your personal information, which is stored on the Site's servers when you use services provided by the Site ("Services"). Every effort is taken to protect your privacy and maintain the accuracy and confidentiality of your personal information.

  • 1. Definition of Personal Information

    Personal information handled in the course of providing Services includes the following types of information. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the following types of information.

    • 1) User ID's and passwords for the Site, which are necessary to acquire your personal information, and all information that you provide that could potentially identify you (hereinafter, "Registered Information")
    • 2) Information on you that is acquired by the Site and stored by the system when you use a function by which Services are rendered (purchase information for concert tickets, products, etc.; hereinafter "Product Information")
    • 3) Other access logs by which you can be identified
  • 2. Purposes for Collecting Personal Information

    The Site, through its Services, collects personal information and Product Information for the following purposes.

    • 1) To provide information to you through Services
    • 2) To send you notices regarding Services, products, etc.
    • 3) To provide better, more user-friendly Services
    • 4) To ensure security
  • 3. Methods Used to Collect Information

    Registered Information is received directly from you only after strict measures to ensure security have been taken.

  • 4. Use of Personal Information

    Personal information is used for the purposes stipulated in Section 2, in principle. However, this provision does not apply in the following cases.

    • 1) Investigations to confirm a person's identity
    • 2) Investigations into membership violations and actions taken in response to such violations
    • 3) Investigations into specific inquiries
    • 4) When necessary to protect the company's rights, property, services, etc.
  • 5. Disclosure of Personal Information

    The Site does not disclose your personal information to any third-party other than the Site's administrator, except for the purposes stipulated in Section 2. However, the following cases are excluded.

    • 1) When you give prior consent
    • 2) When disclosing the results of statistical analysis in a manner that does not identify you individually
    • 3) When disclosure is required by law
  • 6. Methods Used to Manage Personal Information

    The Site appropriately manages your personal information in accordance with its Security Policy in order to protect against unauthorized access, leaks and tampering.
    For more information on the Site's security measures, please refer to the Security Policy.

  • 7. Cookies

    Services use cookies, so please enable cookie settings on your browser.

  • 8. Retention Period for Personal Information

    When you use Services, the Site promptly deletes Registered Information, Product Information and all other personal information from the system after the service is rendered (you receive the product you ordered, etc.) when this information is not needed for purposes stipulated in Section 2, except access logs and other information that must be saved for security purposes. Product Information is updated regularly and when otherwise necessary, and information prior to updating is automatically deleted.

  • 9. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    The Site works to improve its Privacy Policy by making revisions as appropriate. Information on any changes to the policy is provided via the Site.