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  • Q: A Tokyo Incidents song plays in the background every time my website is accessed. Pretty cool, huh?


    Regardless of how cool it is, this violates not only copyrights but also related performance rights.

  • Q: I have the only site on the Net with all the lyrics to all of Sheena Ringo's songs. It's the one thing I'm proud of. Pretty amazing, don't you think?


    This is a copyright violation. You have posted the lyrics without permission, so please remove them from your site. Kronekodow does not individually authorize such use and is not in the position to do so. We are not able to respond to any requests for permission.

  • Q: I have a recording of Sheena Ringo when she went on a radio show. It's OK for me to put the recording of just her talking on my website, isn't it?


    Even recordings of Sheena Ringo talking fall under copyright law, so please refrain from putting such recordings on your site.

  • Q: I'm really good at imitating Sheena Ringo. I put a recording of myself imitating her on my website because I wanted to find out what people thought of it. What do you think? Do I sound like her?


    Unfortunately, even imitations of Sheena Ringo songs violate their copyrights.

  • Q: When you click a button on my website, the very beginning of the intro of Sheena Ringo's Kabukicho no jyoo plays for an instant. I think this is OK because it's only for a second.


    Please understand that even playing small portions constitutes use and so is a copyright violation.