Security Policy

The SR Nekoyanagi Line and RINGOHAN fan club utilize the following security measures to ensure that the services provided on the Site can be used safely and securely.

  • 1) Identification Procedures for Exclusive Member Content

    Identification procedures for use of services provided exclusively to members are conducted with ID's and passwords that members use to login to the Site.

  • 2) Prevention of Unauthorized System Access

    Servers and databases are protected from unauthorized access through use of a firewall. Access to databases and servers is strictly controlled through authorization procedures.

  • 3) Server Maintenance and Management

    Operating systems and applications used on servers are updated as necessary based on information made available by their respective distributers. Every effort is made to address recognized security holes.

  • 4) Emergency Measures

    Various measures have been taken to protect servers in emergencies. These measures include the use of specialized racks to prevent servers from falling over or being damaged in the event of an accident or natural disaster. Uninterruptible power systems have been connected to the server power supplies in order to ensure servers are functional during power outages. Server data is backed up via mirroring.

  • 5) Protection Via SSL Encryption

    128-bit SSL encryption is used to ensure your privacy is protected. This encryption technology is used to encrypt your personal information when it is transmitted.
    *Some security systems may not be compatible with SSL encryption depending on the usage environment (at certain companies, for example). Please consult with your network administrator if this is the case. Kronekodow is not liable for any information leaks that may occur when data is sent without being SSL encrypted.

  • 6) Other Security Measures

    Please refer to the member site and other content sites for security information specific to those sites.