Legal Disclosure

  • Company Name: Kronekodow
    Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Non-product fees: Consumption taxes, shipping fees, C.O.D. fees, handling fees
    Sales prices: Suggested retail prices
    Returns: Returns are not accepted for concert tickets and products for quality-related reasons.
    Refund liability: Kronekodow is not liable for interest on refunds.
    Product delivery: Shipping times listed on the site refer to the number of days until the product is shipped. The time until the product is delivered to the customer is the total of the shipping time and delivery time.
    Payment methods: Postal transfer, C.O.D., credit card
    Payment deadlines
    Credit card: Payment is made when the customer's information is sent to the credit card company when the customer submits his or her credit card information on the credit card payment screen. Billing dates are at the discretion of the credit card company.
    C.O.D.: Payment is collected when the customer receives the product.
    Purchase limits: Individual orders must be less than 100,000 yen. Credit card payments must be less than 300,000 yen or the credit limit established by the credit card company, whichever is lower.
    Other purchase terms: Member registration (for a fee) is required in order purchase products and tickets made available exclusively to members. Other transaction details are sent by email upon request.